Frederic Bastiat — Finest Economic Writer

Bastiat Society of Charlotte

Charlotte Bastiat Society Presentation (pptx)

Civil Rights and Property Rights

Davidson College

Civil Rights and Property Rights Presentation (pptx)

An Analytical Theory of Just Market Exchange

Toby Davis Lecture October 2012

Toby Davis Lecture Presentation (pptx)

The Financial Crisis

A Trap Baited With Three Kinds of Tasty Cheese: Real Causes of Panic 2008

The "Financial Crisis" Presentation (ppt)

Regulatory Insanity: The "Thing Itself," In Six Movements

Institute for Humane Studies / Mercatus Center

Mercatus "Regulatory Insanity" Presentation (pptx)

KSFP/Institute for Humane Studies

James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA

  1. "Democracy is Overrated" Presentation (pptx)
  2. "The Argument for Capitalism You Haven't Heard" (pptx)
  3. "Anatomy of Government Failure" Presentation (pptx)
  4. "The Best of Bus/The Worst of Bus" Presentation (pptx)